Fuel Xpress Fleet Card

Fuel Xpress Fleet Card customers experience further discounts on fuel and access to special promotions.

You can apply for a Fleet Card account by clicking on the link below.

Why Choose the FX Fleet Card?

•                     It’s an online free portal to self-manage your fleet cards

•                      When you call FX, you will always speak to someone locally in Darwin

•                     No account keeping fees

•                     No monthly card fees

•                     No cost for card replacement

•                     Fair prices mean whichever price is lower commercial or retail, you will always be charged the lowest price at the time you arrive to refuel

•                     Our card data locally is managed. We encrypt and print your cards & will be available to you within an hour of receiving your application returned

•                     Reprinting replacement or new cards within minutes at no charge

•                     We are committed to expanding our network