Fuel Xpress first registered 30 Years ago

Pat O’Connell first registered Fuel Xpress some 30 years ago, so it was always an aspiration to fly the FX brand one day. That day arrived after ExxonMobil approached Pat in 2014 to act as their Distributor in the NT, Western Qld & the Kimberley’s WA – hence FX’s colours red, white & blue. Pat met with a trusted business advisor to explore the ExxonMobil opportunity further. This lead to a meeting with Steve Margetic & Michael Sitzler to seek their interest in partnering with Pat O’Connell to develop FX as the local marketing brand to partner with ExxonMobil.

It became apparent FX needed to look for another supply partner promoting our own brand FX. Steve & Michael owned the land previously occupied by the Shell Distributor in Coonawarra Road, Winnellie. Shell-operated the site as a commercial vehicle retail outlet (CVRO). It was a natural fit for FX, and we began trading from that location on 23rd September 2016. We launched a new payment system called Pay@Pump. There was no need for a console operator; customers interreacted directly with the dispenser FX; similar to a customer attending an ATM, their bank authorises the dispenser to issue fuel up to the value selected. Customers are only ever charged the same as the amount of fuel supplied regardless of the amount requested to be pre-authorised.

Following a successful launch in Winnellie, we began looking at expanding the brand into other areas. Ross Finocchairo, the owner of the parcel of land on the corner of Roystonea Avenue & Temple Terrace, listened to our proposal and offered the land for FX to develop its next site, Palmerston. The retail shop was completed using local Darwin businesses and we are creating job opportunities in Palmerston for console operators. We always take great pride in contributing to our local NT community.

Our Commercial Customers